We are into various business sectors but also a service provider of taxi executive and chauffeur hire with contracts across England and Wales. To provide cost effective, consistent and adaptable services to the needs and wants of our prospective clients. To be established in all major cities across the continents of the World by 2027. To create an efficient technology which can be integrated into your everyday living included Alexa and other smart watches. OSTUS is different, OSTUS is a vibrant company, it provides quality services and it is always going to be the best services provider for your travel links from where you are to your required destination safely on time every time

OSTUS Vision

  • To liaise with big corporations (Clients) included governmental bodies of various sectors as best outsource company for their taxi/executive and chauffeur hire contractor

  • To dispatch the contracts on a OSTUS bidding platform for taxi companies or self employed drivers/chauffeurs with their own vehicle to bid on the jobs available daily or weekly as requested by our potential clients

  • To set up an acceptable payment plan for taxi companies and self employed taxi executive and chauffeur drivers(Partners) To set guidelines for both our clients and partners and monitoring policies

  • To set guidelines for both our clients and partners and monitoring policies

  • To provide ratings for our Partners as such that the taxi industry market would be more competitive also drive a higher standard

  • To provide members of the public with adequate information freely also, whenever requested

  • To liaise with other agencies such as local authorities, home office, Police and other governmental bodies in assisting for a better service to our clients, customers and business partners

  • To adhere to the letter of the Law set and make amendments required with expediency

  • To be a private hire company to set up (tax-at-source) for all our partners and provide adequate information and support about relevant taxation systems

  • We aim to also give member of the public the opportunity to become a shareholder, hence, in due course, we aim be placed on the stock market

  • We aim to become one of the taxi company and chauffeur hire to provide apprenticeship for anyone interested in becoming a taxi executive or chauffeur driver to help you realise and gain acceptance onto your dream job

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